Monday, July 13, 2009

Platinum follows Gold and Silver higher

Platinum closed today at around $1120 per ounce. It pretty much followed gold and silver higher thanks to a crappy declining US dollar. Investing in platinum is not very wide spread right now and it doesn't enjoy the same volume of trading that gold and silver have but this is steadily increasing. The new emerging technologies that are using platinum are adding up every day. Investments in platinum are up across the board in terms of technology research.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Platinum use is on the rise

More and more applications for platinum are being discovered on a yearly basis. Right now the major uses for platinum are:

platinum thermometers
petroleum refining using platinum
electronics and scientific aparatus.
platinum jewelry
platinum used by dentists
platinum anti-pollution tools

There is no doubt that platinum is a great investment because all these things are tied to the huge growth occurring in India, Brazil, and China. Right now these countries barely use any platinum but every month they are increasing their usage so that can only be good for the price of platinum. Investing in platinum is a very good idea for the long term. Platinum mines have been having issues but that will soon be behind us and production should not be an issue. What happens with futures and options and stocks surrounding platinum should be more interesting in the short term.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Platinum ready for speculative shorts

It seems that platinum is poised for some speculative shorts this coming week. The US is enjoying their holidays. Platinum closed the week 1186.00 up 3 bucks nothing spectacular but next week we should see some action. This is because there is the g8 meeting and also because we should get more info on the wage situation between NUM and the platinum mines in South Africa. People speculating on crude oil are going to keep things in perspective though. Should be an interesting week and we shall see who is right and who is wrong.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Platinum Investments

Platinum can be a great investment whether you buy ETF's or if you buy physical bullion. Many analysts feel that platinum is trading at a big discount compared to gold which is always used as the standard. There is a new fund out of Toronto called "Brompton Funds Management" where they use the money you invest to invest into gold, silver, and platinum. I am not sure if there are any funds dedicated to investing directly into platinum bullion and just that nothing else. If you do decide to invest into platinum bullion make sure you always check the spot price because that is how platinum is traded. Most peopel don't know that you can actually invest in platinum bullion coins. The spot price of platinum bullion today is $1186.00 per ounce.